In MIXVIPBRANDS would like to offer you the best service and we would like to inform you that the delivery service we are after demand from the site for 10 to 15 days and to ensure the quality and safety of the product.

And you will receive a receipt with details of the request and products and will show you shipping charges on demand either free or at a certain fee by the site and will receive a copy of the invoice request and messages Nettehip when the product to deliver by e-mail and telephone call from the customer service office site .


1- Details of the local shipping process (for the UAE):


1- A service through a private shipping company.


2 - Delivery time 3 to 7 days after confirmation of the request from the client.


3- The application shall be delivered to the address in the data entered by the customer.


4- Local delivery fees: AED 30 per kilo.


2- Shipping to Gulf States (GCC):


1- Shipping by EMS to the GCC countries


2- Delivery time is 7 to 10 days


  1. It is sent to the customer via the data attached to the request and directed


  1. Send the application after communication with the client


  1. State Shipping State AED 155 per kilo


All laws are subject to change at any time.